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Selenium IDE Flow-Control – Go-to Although Loops

While, gotoIf and go-to cycle features is provided by this expansion in Selenium IDE. Selenium IDE is a plug-in for Opera that performs the s/w evaluation of internet-based programs. There’s a great flowcontrol expansion at for the Selenium RC and TestRunner parts, however it doesn’t use Selenium IDE (the Opera plug-in) immediately. That makes it hard to come up with restricted test instances within Selenium IDE, and occasionally the body-established TestRunner is unable to be employed (for example, when the web site under evaluation uses a body-buster software).

I have ported the present manage-movement expansion to function in the Selenium IDE Chrome addon. The picture below shows an example test-case using gotoIf, go-to as well as a little while loop, all operating efficiently in Selenium IDE.

The document may be downloaded from Github and needs to be preserved as “sideflow.js” for your hard disk drive. Subsequently the Options options in Selenium IDE should establish the Selenium S/W Primary plug-ins to contain the course of the document, just like the picture underneath.

I have printed the expansion on github. Just do it and download it from that point.

Com /73rhodes/sideflow

This mod of the flow-control expansion functions just by means of the Selenium IDE Chrome addon. If you need to utilize Selenium RC or the TestRunner part, please make use of the flow-control expansion that is first.

The expansion transferred up . For more information :

I have updated the illustration to make use of the newer format needed in the most recent variants of Selenium IDE.

Please be aware that should you be employing Selenium RC, you need to use the initial flowcontrol plugin here:

Sadly I’venot had enough time or the demand to get this to appropriate for equally Selenium RC and Selenium IDE. Please don’t hesitate to hand the signal in the event that you want to help you and produce a take obtain.

I added a “push” control to the plug-in, having an easy example on the Github site. This lets you to easily form a group of things and execute “for every single”-style performance to iterate over it. Here is the statement that is first.
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Seems as if youare attempting to study a site till some thing in the answer adjustments. I should mention however that when you query URL1, the answer may forever for URL1. You can get an HTTP 304 answer that will activate a re-direct, where a brand new request is issued by the browser. Anyhow, if whatever you wish to accomplish is study a full page until the name adjustments, your testcase might appear some thing similar to this:

openAndWait |
storeTitle | pageTitle
storeTitle | newPageTitle
while | StoredVars[‘pageTitle’ storedVars [ the newPageTitle of’]
Interruption | 1000
openAndWait |
storeTitle | newPageTitle
getEval | Alarm(“The name h AS changed”);

Anonymous mentioned…
this software tosses:
“Lacking = in XML aspect”
in the IDE

Please observe

This mistake information does not toss. That one is confirming a mistake in the site under evaluation and is created from the Java Script motor.

Just the problem communications that are following through:
– low- while endWhile that is / found fitting
– unacceptable strip)nim set
– tag abc that was chosen isn’t found
– related ‘endWhile’ isn’t found
– Matching ‘While’ isn’t found

Whether any opinions exists alternative or order control is started by yours flow control expansion prevent IDE. Visit for more information:

Flow-control plug-ins look fails with xpath expression that is eval

Depend(//stand//the Toronto-Dominion Bank) = 10
xpath=count(//table//the Toronto-Dominion Bank) = 10
March 6, 2008 at 5:58 AM
Darren D E Ridder stated…

I have noticed that opinions does n’t be handled by the software as a feature obtain.

Your appearance that is eval does not seem to be java Script that is legitimate. Notice that the phrase is handed straight to the eval() operate and have to be legitimate java Script / Dominic signal. This can be different format that is utilized for Selenium webdriver training S/W locators.

The most easy option will be to set your variables up in front of goto or some time utilizing the Selenium S/W getEval control. The parameter to getEval is the Java Script required to do your look-up. For instance:

getEval |
var currentWin = this.browserbot.getCurrentWindow(); storedVars[‘myLinks’] = new Assortment(); myLinks = document.evaluate(“//a[starts-with(@href, ‘/mylink’)]”, currentWin.record, zero, XPathResult.UNORDERED_NODE_ITERATOR_KIND, zero); storedVars[‘myLinkCount’] = myLinks.span;

This could be accompanied ie, go-to or with a depending while:

gotoIf | $myLinkCount “>> 10 | myTarget

Additionally, please perhaps not that for assistance queries that you need to use the message boards at

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