Selenium Webdriver was released after Selenium RC. The unique part about Selenium WebDriver is unlike Selenium 1, Webdriver doesn’t require a separate server to follow through with tests. Instead of using browser based Javascript commands, Webdriver uses native operating system level functionality whenever possible to drive the browser.

Selenium Webdriver is the in thing for all automation testers and it is getting more famous each day. Due to this a number of tutorials are surfaced on the internet but knowing the right course to pick requires you to understand a little bit about Webdriver. The requirements for a course and the qualifications needed for the courses are all provided in the website to help you not get fooled in the internet world.

This website is a part of ITeLearn and gives you knowledge on the working of Selenium Webdriver along with the new developments in the tool. The posts also have the available and upcoming courses on Selenium Webdriver in case you are interested to join. ITeLearn has provided reliable and informative courses for beginners and advanced levels in software developing. The course provides a far more in depth understanding of Selenium Webdriver and also gives you hands on experience with a real life project.


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